Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hi there, we're all a-twitter and if we knew how to tweet, we would. But we don't, so we're blogging . . .

One week until our collaborative novel is released.. (Tuesday, June 11.) We like to call this creation "innovative," "edgy," "rogue."


Because it is . . .

-  When else have sixteen writers crafted chapters fora common story without knowing what anyone else has written?
-  Where else could writers submit an ending chapter for a novel they never wrote?
-  What other book offers emerging novelists the chance to collaborate with established award-winning novelists?
-  How was it that writers agreed to not having their names attached to the chapters they wrote?
- Where else could you comment on this kind of narrative adventure but on this blog?
-  How else is a genre renewed other than by testing the limits of form?
-  Who wouldn't want to read something new under the literary sun?

Keep your eyes on the blog for daily postings leading up to the launch. Then, once the book is out, and you've read it, you can use this blog to tell us about your experience as readers of our innovative, edgy, rogue creation.
Tweet tweet . . . oops . . . blog blog, until tomorrow,
Deborah and Marjorie

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