Thursday, September 22, 2016

New release by Unlimited Editions - jane dying again

jane dying again was launched in Winnipeg at McNally Robinson’s Booksellers on May 17, 2016. Jonathan Alexiuk accompanied Deborah on the keyboard and this theatrical approach to readings of the novel is one that will be repeated at a House Concert sponsored by the North End Artists Collective on October 2nd in Winnipeg. The reading will be videotaped so that an edited version can be launched on Deborah’s website ( Theatrical possibilities, such as a one-woman fringe production, are being considered as future forms for the novel’s ongoing life.

About jane dying again by Deborah Schnitzer:

Jane Duc is a woman wanting release. Her husband, Clever, suffers a deteriorating illness that has worn them both out and stretched Jane beyond her capacity. They retreat to the family cottage, and Jane finds solace in the forest and river. But not enough. Circumstances can’t be rectified; grief can’t be contained. Her children and friends stand by in bewildered vigilance as she withdraws into a world they don’t know and can’t reach.

There is a bit of Jane in all of us. When life seems to give us more than we can bear, we seek places of retreat, and disappear into them. Jane finds such places and invents others we could never have imagined, and in her final act, shows us the edges of endurance.

jane dying again challenges traditional storytelling forms and rethinks conventional understandings of care giving, grief, chronic illness, and end-of-life choice.

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